Our dances are all named after the tunes we play. Most of them are traditional only very rarely do we use anything modern. On the other hand all our dances are completely original as they are choreographed by our dance director, Jude.

Some of our dances are performed without any music, A Capella. This is to show off the sounds of our feet.

The following is a list of the dances we perform.

Pick a Bale of Cotton

Cricket on the Hearth

Turkey in the Straw

Flop Eared Mule

Walking in my Sleep

Bill Cheatham

Old Joe Clark

Cluck Old Hen

Arkansas Traveller

Sally Ann

Soldier with a Wooden Leg

Sherman’s March



Grandfather’s Clock

Nail that Catfish to the Tree

Cottoneyed Joe

Monday Night (A Capella)

Whiskey Before Breakfast

Trio (A Capella)


Angeline the Baker/Ida Red