Ann PAnn P

Ann has been dancing since she was three years old when she joined a ballet school and has continued with tap dancing as an adult and then joined Tanglefoot in May 2002, since when she has had an absolutely fabulous time with a great crowd of friends. Ann also helps teach Cajun and Zydeco at workshops in Rochester and Whitstable, and basically just loves to dance.


Becky enjoys all dance, from circle dancing to ballroom but one of the best things about Tanglefoot is the opportunity to dance to live music. Becky likes visiting festivals, hearing new music and joining in dance workshops. When not dancing, Becky cooks, reads, plays scrabble and canasta, practises yoga and struggles with cryptic crosswords.



Christine, unlike other members who have danced all their lives, didn’t take up dancing until her retirement, so has a lot of lost time to make up. She loves music, travelling, walking, reading, cooking and socialising with friends.



Gwen enjoy all forms of dance as a sociable way of keeping fit. Having danced Irish, ballroom and short sword rapper, she is very pleased to join Tanglefoot to add Appalachian step clogging to her repertoire. Her other interests include mixed media artwork, craft making and Pilates.


Jenny 15kJenny

Jenny is Tanglefoot’s newest recruit, having moved from Wiltshire to Kent. She started Appalachian clogging in 1999, joined a dance group in Chippenham and learnt to flatfoot a year later. Since then she has been dancing out at various festivals and writing her own dances. She also runs workshops and develops freestyle dancing . She joined Tanglefoot in 2011 and enjoys the many Kent festivals that they attend.


Kay just loves to dance. From Morris dancer to Appalachian clogger, to teacher of Cajun and Zydeco, she just loves to dance. Joining Tanglefoot in 1998 opened up a whole new world of great friends and exciting adventures such as dancing with the Hillbillies in Pikeville, Kentucky 2000.


Ric is a bit of an imposter to clogging. He is really a guitar and bass player who is a latecomer to dancing, having started tap dancing in his late twenties and given it up at thirty. He joined Tanglefoot after seeing a TV programme about Appalachian step clogging and an article on Tanglefoot in a local paper.  Following Terry’s departure, Ric is now back playing double bass with the Tanglefoot band when not dancing.



Angie is glad to be part of such a great band. As well as enjoying playing the banjo, she likes sculpture, art and especially beer festivals!!



A very accomplished guitar player. Another quiet man but we hope to change that!! And he comes with baggage!




Mike plays piano and fiddle and enjoys folk singing and Morris dancing. He was encouraged to join Tanglefoot in 2005 and quickly learned the Old Timey style of fiddling. He is now attempting Bluegrass, that is when he’s not oil painting, gardening or re-enacting the English Civil War.


Viv has been dancing and playing in Folk bands for many years, setting up and leading Fiddler’s Elbow ( a ceilidh band with rock numbers) in the 70s. Plays fiddle, keyboard, accordion, guitar and sings, and is looking forward to exploring new music with new musicians and learning a new style of dance. Also enjoys acting, mainly in horror movies!


Rich plays 4 and 5 string banjo for Tanglefoot. Rich has played guitar in bands since the early 70’s and is lead guitarist and singer for Fiddler’s Elbow, a ceilidh band. More recently Rich formed and performed in Kent based rock bands Cover Story and Sundown. He also plays bass guitar and mandolin and has dabbled with ukulele, lap steel guitar and the theremin. Rich loves the infectious rhythms of Appalachian dancing and music and is keen to learn more banjo pieces.

Past Members

Mick PywellMick Pywell

After being diagnosed at the beginning of 2008, Mick lost his battle with cancer in August 2008. He was a valued member of the Tanglefoot team, a very talented man and a great example to us all.